OpISIS Part 2

OpISIS has begun again with an immediate comeback from GhostSec as they leaked ISIS camps in Iraq. Next attacks in Iraq which were ignored by US Governments due to it not coming from GSG (GhostSecurityGroup) “Michael Smith”. USA government turned down the Intel, they then leaked intel on ISIS's shipments imports and exports all posted on their telegram then they leaked Intel on the employees and found many suspicious names with exporting details such as explosive chemical compounds like fertiles and nitrate.

Same ones that have caused the Beirut explosion they also leaked hundreds of ISIS accounts on the pastebin and their telegram channel by taking them all down and making the internet safer without those ISIS recruiting terrorists. Moreover, GhostSec then have leaked images of ISIS's weapons on the Irap Camp which we recently mentioned. It is also mentioned where they were planning to hit next, which once again was completely ignored by their contacts.