OpNigeria Part 1

GhostSec played a big role in this operation with their NISLT hack which exposed the Nigerian government for money laundering and embezzling of thousands of dollars.

We GhostSec would also like to take this opportunity to educate the viewers who are reading this blog that the media news outlet are misinterpreting GhostSec as part of “Anonymous.” It has come to our attention that some media outlets especially Protests.media decentralized news collective of researchers aren't aware of GhostSec's history and sometimes they get often confused that we are a part of anonymous. However, the reality is we are our own group and it was started by two main founders which are Sebastian Dante Alexander and Ghost3301 before others joined and gained popular in year 2015. The readers need to understand that being part of the anonymous collective doesn’t always means that most of the time they are considered as hacktivists.

To define anonymous ideology simply as, an unknown identity that has a motive to bring a social change to the globe by fighting the whole corrupted system which is cruel and dysfunctional that must put an end for using power and knowledge for the greater good. In other words, anyone can become part of the collective to the movement to fight against internet oppression and surveillance in the cyberspace. Regardless if they’re considered as activists or hacktivists as long they made contribution for the public’s interest to spread awareness to educate ourselves about what is happening the planet of earth. What makes it different from GhostSec? We are a group of vigilante hackers with different skill sets who are willing to use hacking for the name of justice to expose corruption and any kind of injustice. For more details read this blog post.

We demand the media or any journalist who are willing to publish anything related to our hacks by in return that they must give us proper credits including others who are affiliated in the #OpNigeria. Why do we care about recognition? Because as a group it does matter to us by showing the globe that it is possible and also to spread influence by vigilantes who care about righteousness. We've particated the #EndSARS movement while during the hashtag was trending to put expose more of the government's tyranny and corruption.

While the article has explained about the money embezzlement that we’ve managed to penetrate NISLT website. Here’s another post that nobody was able to take notice. This image explains that we were probing the network that was exposed on the internet by the time we infiltrated TelecompsHoop’s internal network which is Nigeria’s ISP. We’ve managed to gain access all their computers throughout the network that contains outdated software that was not updated that contains many vulnerabilities. Ghost3301 provided us strong evidence that TelecompsHoop's security was a hoax including no DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) protections.

Any journalists who are willing to give us an interview must accept our reasonable conditions that is related must credit us.

Contact details

Email: ghostsec420@protonmail.ch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_GhostSec_ and https://twitter.com/SebastianDAlex

Telegram: https:/t.me/GhostSecc/


1) https://ghostsec.writeas.com/introduction-to-ghostsec

2) https://protests.media/end-sars-solidarity-protests-take-place-all-over-the-world/

3) https://t.me/GhostSecc/12

4) https://twitter.com/_gHOST3301_/status/1321284777362804740